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Solta powers the future of payments with new cloud-based payment services to meet the growing demands of a rapidly changing payment sector by providing specialised, agile and unique services to deliver innovations that transform payment experiences.

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Our Products & Services

Solta has developed PayCloud with a range of customers and payment services already. It's time to power up the cloud services and market presence.

Solta PayCloud

PayCloud takes traditional payment infrastructure and moves it into the cloud.

Traditional payment terminals require a 1-to-1 connection to a payment switch or processor, but with new payment PCI rules, we are able to process in the cloud.

Solta Pay & Embedded Payments

Solta Pay utilising state of the art pin on glass technology to provide a merchant app that enables partners to deliver a cost effective payment solution.

Embedded Payments is powered by the SoltaPay SDK which is provided to partners to enable payment processing immediately within the Point of Sales systems and checkout flows.

Solta Wallet Framework

Solta’s digital wallet framework is designed to provide a custom wallet solution with a convenient app store for value added services.

The implemented wallet connects directly to variety of POS systems to enable a seamless payment experience, where the wallet provides the POS with the users personal payment preferences without the need to interact with the POS several times.

Clients we have worked with
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Our Products

Merchant App
Solta Components:
  • Solta Pay Framework
  • Uplink to payment gateway via Solta Cloud
  • Solta Dash for merchants
Consumer App
Solta Components:
  • Solta Wallet Framework
  • Wallet App Store
  • Digital payment card
  • Card tokenisation

Embedded POS Payments

Solta Components:
  • Solta Pay Framework
  • Terminal Agent (Optional)
  • POS Connector

About Solta

Established in 2011 Solta set out to develop payment products for the NZ market and with a vast experience in the development of software solutions and platforms we develop Paycloud to provide SaaS payment solutions to its existing customers.

Our Journey


Solta founded with a purpose to build and develop innovative software products.


Embarked on partnerships with both public and private companies to deliver innovative solutions.


The Solta technology platform was the key element in the foundation of Centrality – as co-founders of Centrality we continued to develop on the platform for the Centrality product portfolio.


Focus on the core Solta capability to use leading software tools to develop innovative software products.


Partnered with non bank lender Neo Global to develop a world class lending platform.


First to bring SoftPos payment technology to market in the pacific.

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